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Eating for Beautiful Skin

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Well the same can be said for your skin. The key to beautiful flawless skin begins with a healthy diet. Here are just a few of the foods you can be eating to get that glow back.


Essential Fatty Acids

We all know that foods rich in essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 can improve brain function and heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis but what you might not have know is that essential fatty acids can also work wonders for your skin. Fatty acids help produce the skin’s natural oils needed to protect against dryness and inflammation. Try to include at least two serving of salmon or other fatty fish every week. Adding flax seed to your diet is another great way to get more fatty acids as well. (more…)

Telemedicine Provides Safe and Effective Abortions to Rural Communities

By Rebecca Jones


A new and extremely controversial abortion method is dividing doctors as well as patients. Telemedicine abortions are growing in popularity is states like Iowa but despite an overwhelmingly high satisfaction rate from women, many are concerned that virtual medicine can’t compete with having a doctor present during a procedure. (more…)