How Belly Fat Affects Your Health

While you regularly hear women lamenting the woes of “thunder thighs” or “arm flab,” you rarely, if ever, hear men complain of the same issues. While culturally men and women view their bodies differently, nature also plays a role in this. When women gain weight, their fat storage goes to different areas of the body than their male peers. In fact, women store nearly 5-10% more body fat than men which is nature’s way of preparing for childbearing. However, men store fat as well and while men’s fat storage most typically heads to their abdominal area, it can actually be very dangerous for men to be overweight.  There are a variety of issues you should take into consideration if you are a man who has those extra pounds lingering around your belly. (more…)

Top Health Risks for Men

It’s hard to avoid all of life’s dangers and risks, but if you know what you are up against you may have a better chance. Men are known to have a shorter life expectancy than their female peers and, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are the leading causes of death in men as of 2006, which is the latest year to be published.