Study Reveals Women With Anxiety Have Brains That Work Harder

New research from Michigan State University has shown that women who experience anxiety have brains that are more active and work harder to complete even basic tasks. This rapid activity can often lead to more mistakes and incorrect answers when performing basic tasks.


In order to discover anxiety’s affect on the brain, researchers studied groups of both male and female college students. They not only filled out a survey that determined their average levels of worry and anxiety but also were asked to complete some simple tasks. During the simple task, brain activity was measured by way of an electrode cap.


Relentless Optimism Linked to Faulty Frontal Lobe Function

By Rebecca Jones


Ever wonder why someone will continue to see the glass half full regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? According to new research conducted by the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging a fault in the function of the frontal lobe of the brain could be to blame.



Are You Addicted to Stress?

Do you find yourself constantly on the go? Do you feel guilty about taking a day off or using your vacation time?   Stress has become such a common condition for the modern woman that according to the APA more than half of us report being “highly stressed”  that number is up 25% from just 4 years ago What we are witnessing is a trend in which women see stress as a badge of honor. We feel the need to push ourselves to the very limit, sacrificing sleep and sanity, in the hopes that someone will take notice, perhaps give us a pat on the back and commend us for our strong work ethic. Turns out the harder we push ourselves the more we can become addicted to the rush of being in demand and on the go but whether we realise it or not the same hormones that trigger the stress “high” can also be wreaking havoc on our health. (more…)