Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

In honor of today being National Peanut Butter Day we thought we would remind you of all the reasons why peanut butter is such an excellent addition to your diet. Aside from the fact that it compliments chocolate perfectly and makes a convenient sandwich that you can take anywhere, peanut butter also packs a serious nutritional punch. Remember to purchase peanut butter that has not been overly processed or contains added sugar or partially hydrogenated oils. Here are just a few of the things that make peanut butter worthy of its very own holiday.


Can Diet Reduce the Symptoms of ADHD in Children?

ADHD  is a relatively common disorder affecting some 10% of children. With many parents leery of medication, there has been a rise in diet related treatments. A recent study in Pediatrics took a look at many of these diets to see if they were effective in treating the symptoms of ADHD. (more…)

Does Your Dog Read Your Mind? New Studies Show They Know More Than We Think!

There’s a reason they are known as man’s best friend. Dogs seem to sense what we need and respond by being there for us. For this reason, dogs are not only pets but also hold the esteemed positions of therapy dog and service dog often in our society as well. While most of us will argue that our dogs are extremely smart and understand all we tell them, new evidence has recently emerged that can back this up and may be even more impressive than many of us thought.


Calories Not Protein Lead to Weight Gain

According to a new study, it isn’t necessarily what you are eating but how much that leads to weight gain. While it was previously believed that a high-protein diet could lead to weight gain this new study indicates that protein consumption may not have an impact on body fat after all. It does on the other hand have an impact on how the body uses calories and the loss or gain of muscle mass.