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Study: There is No Link Between Diabetes and Menopause

There are many negative things in life which can be been blamed on menopause, however in light of a new study, diabetes is no longer one of them.


The study which was conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Health System studied a group of women who underwent natural menopause as well as those who experienced menopause as a result of having their ovaries removed and for both the results were the same. It appears that regardless of however menopause is induced, it doesn’t need to negatively impact a woman’s health.


Top Health Risks for Men

It’s hard to avoid all of life’s dangers and risks, but if you know what you are up against you may have a better chance. Men are known to have a shorter life expectancy than their female peers and, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are the leading causes of death in men as of 2006, which is the latest year to be published.