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How Exercise Can Slow the Effects of Aging

Since as early as we can remember, we’ve been told to exercise since it is “good for our health.” We all know this to be true as nearly everything we read or hear about exercise backs this message up and now new studies however have revealed that exercise can actually counteract the effects of aging, which is reason enough to hop on that treadmill!


According to a Los Angeles Times article (and their contributing experts on the subject), there are many ailments that can be offset by exercise  as listed below –


Antidepressants Linked to Increased Risk of Fall

Most of us are familiar with the many side effects that come with taking antidepressants but in a recent study published in the Journals of Gerontology it was revealed that nursing home residents were at a much higher risk of suffering a fall within the first few days of starting or increasing the dose of certain antidepressants (more…)

What Every Woman Needs to Know about Osteoporosis

It is never too early to think about protecting your bones.  It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 women will suffer osteoporosis after the age of 50 and nearly 40% of all women will be diagnosed with osteopenia. Since this disease is 4 times more prevalent in women and strikes us about 20 years earlier it’s imperative that we take preventative measures today to ward off bone loss as we age. (more…)