Inhaling Caffeine May Be the Latest Trend

Nearly half of all American adults drink coffee each day. This bit of information – not so shocking. The idea that a new product allows us to inhale caffeine? Let’s go ahead and file that under “bad idea.”


Just when we thought we had seen it all!


What sounds more like a black market drug is actually a product that came out last month and it now available in Massachusetts and New York. AeroShot is the latest caffeinated product to hit the shelves at convenient stores. It’s a small tube which at first glance appears to be nothing more than a tube of chap-stick. It’s contents however, quite different.

Each container contains 100 milligrams of caffeine in powder form and vitamin B. This amount of caffeine is roughly the same amount that a person would receive from a cup of coffee. By inhaling this combo, a person gets the energizing affects of caffeine on the go.


While the creator of AeroShot says the product is completely safe and lacks the addictive properties commonly added to energy drinks, others like U.S. Senator Charles Schumer would like to see the FDA review the product. He and many others fear that perhaps this easy-to-buy product could have a horrible impact on the young population in search of the latest thing that will allow them to drink in excess without falling asleep.


The idea of mixing caffeine and alcohol is one that has appealed to many generations. What began as simply Jack Daniels and Coke transitioned into the Four Loko craze. In case you missed it, Four Loko, an alcoholic drink in a can resulted in death for some and serious health consequences for others since it packed the most caffeine and alcohol possible into one drink. While the formula was swiftly altered to help alleviate consumer concerns, the problem still remains. When caffeine (an upper) is combined with alcohol (a downer) in large quantities, there can be disastrous consequences.


So how exactly does AeroShot work?


Essentially the container provides up to 6 puffs of lemon-lime flavored powdered that is inhaled through the mouth. The company claims it isn’t meant to replace coffee it is just meant to be more portable for those with active lifestyles.


What do you think? Is this product just begging to be abused by those looking for the latest rush or should we give consumers more credit when it comes to using caffeine sparingly? 

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