One Alcoholic Drink a Day Can Promote Healthy Aging in Women

All too often we hear about obscure methods or hard-to-follow exercise routines that claim to ward off aging, but having an alcoholic drink to keep healthy? That’s one that most of us won’t have much of a problem with!


While it may sound too good to be true (and you know there will be some fine print) having one drink a day, particularly for women, can be the key to healthy aging. It seems we have heard this before, but new evidence backs this theory up even further.


As reported by CNN, a researchers at Harvard have released the findings of their study which followed roughly 14,000 predominantly white women beginning in 1976. The results concluded that of those who generally averaged somewhere between 3 to 15 drinks per week in their late 50s, there was a 28% higher chance that they would be “free from chronic illness, physical disability, mental health problems, and cognitive decline at age 70,” when compared to their non drinking peers.


Researchers pointed out that since the sample was predominantly white women, it will be a bit challenging to know how this same study may play out if conducted with men or nonwhite women. One could guess however that perhaps the results may be similar but without the science to back it up, we can’t say for sure.

Some of the complications that researchers found in fewer numbers among the alcohol consumers include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia.


It’s often suggested that one drink a day for women and two for men can have a considerable positive impact on overall health.


So what if you aren’t a drinker?


It certainly doesn’t mean that it’s time to start a routine of drinking! It’s important to remember that there are many other healthy ways to keep the body in great condition as we age. Doctors suggest that staying at a normal healthy weight and remaining active are two of the best ways to fight illness and to feel and look younger.


It all sounds great right? It seems that with studies like these there will always be counter-studies that pop up. For example, other researchers have claimed that women who drink alcohol are at a higher risk for breast cancer.  When we look at the benefits of consuming a small amount of alcohol however it appears to be a harmless and in some cases beneficial act.


Of course nothing should be taken to the extreme and clearly if alcohol is getting in the way of daily life this is a problem, however, ladies if you enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine at night – feel good about your decision. If you believe that the Harvard findings are accurate you may be encouraging healthy aging with each and every sip!

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